IHSI Circles

IHSI Circles are responsible for determining the direction of key organizational areas. They consist of the Governance Circle, Buffalo Circle, Membership Circle, and Communications and Social Media Circle. Each Circle meets regularly. If you are interested in joining one of our Circles, we encourage you to send an email to indigenoushelperssociety@gmail.com and address the coordinator or co-spokesperson(s) responsible for the circle. 

  • The Governance Circle consists of two co-spokespersons, a treasurer, and a secretary. Co-Spokespersons are Don Robinson and Amanda Burton.

  • The mission of the Buffalo Circle is to enhance the educational experience for members of IHSI and the general community. It consists of Buffalo Circle Coordinator, Educational Gathering Coordinator, and student representatives. The Buffalo Circle Coordinator is Aron Skworchinski.

  • The Membership Circle is responsible for corresponding with membership applicants, receiving and approving membership applications, and orienting new members. The Membership Coordinator is Kevin Baldwin.

  • The Communication & Social Media Circle is responsible for outreach, connecting with community and other helpers, and the promotion of IHSI events and gatherings. The Communications Circle Coordinator is Carol Koscielny.