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Formerly known as "Aboriginal Social Workers' Society in Manitoba"


The Indigenous Helpers Society (IHS) was created to further the development of Indigenist social work, the mutual support of indigenous helpers working in the field of social services/work regardless of education attained, and the critique and influence of policies and practices effecting Indigenous peoples.

We are a society comprised of individuals who have developed our helping abilities through various processes including education, mentorship, and on-the-job-training.  In addition, we recognize natural helpers who have used their life experiences to develop their abilities to help others and who are recognized as such by the Aboriginal Community.



Our Aboriginal cultures are the foundation upon which our values are based:


  • Our cultures’ teachings include, but are not limited to; faith, honesty, kindness, respect, courage, humility, sharing, harmony, balance, knowledge, wisdom, patience, humor, integrity, compassion.

  • Support: We believe in supporting our Society’s membership through emotional support, advocacy and networking.  We believe in supporting Aboriginal Peoples through education and advocacy.

  • Education: We believe in educating our Society’s membership, the Aboriginal Community, and the general population through Cultural Teachings, information sharing, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

  • Life and People: We believe in the sacredness and goodness of life.  We are all part of Creation with unique gifts, abilities and contributions.



As Aboriginal Social Workers, we believe in the sacredness and goodness of life and are guided by our Cultural Teachings.  In following our holistic way of life, we honor the strengths of individuals, families, communities, and nations, and believe in our Peoples’ gifts, abilities, and life experiences.  We strive to contribute to the wellness of all through the excellence in service that stems from and is consistent with our cultural values, beliefs, and practices.




The Indigenous Helpers Society is an inspirational, self-sustaining organization determining and supporting our own cultural ways of conduct and practice in the helping professions. All of our activities are directed to the wellness of Aboriginal Peoples.

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